The Westerns Cans Group is in the business of providing packaging solutions. We manufacture and market, metal, plastic and PET containers and the associated caps and closures for a variety of  applications.

Founded in 1984 as a manufacturer of general line tin cans for a single customer we have since expanded our product portfolio to cater to more than fifty customers. Today, the list of products includes:

  • PET bottles in different shapes, sizes and colors for
        Pharma, Healthcare, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and the 
        Liquor industry.
  • Blow molded HDPE and PP containers (with or without silk
        screen printing).
  • General line and food grade (OTS) metal containers (Printed
        and / or lacquered) and closures.
  • TEPP (Tamper Evident Pilfer Proof) caps made of HDPE, PP and

    The group is comprised of two flagship companies:

    1. Garden Polymers Pvt Ltd - Dedicated to the manufacture and
        supply of PET bottles, plastic containers and closures.
    2. Western Cans Pvt Ltd - Engaged in the manufacture and supply
        of metal containers and closures.

    We are proud of our open and transparent culture and our professional approach. The Group's MISSION is to provide its customers with the most innovative packaging solutions and products at competitive prices. Powered by professional people and state of the art technology we will be a customer driven high performance company which will attract and retain dynamic and talented  employees.


    The behavior of our employees and the quality of their interactions with others are based on the following set of core values:

    • Respect for the individual.
    • An obsession with serving our customers.
    • Commitment to business excellence.
      - Speed
      - Innovation
      - Quality
    • Personal Integrity.