OTS Cans


OTS Cans or Open Top Sanitary cans from prime tin plate for processed food applications like packing of fruit, pulp, poultry, meat, fish and other edible items. We are the leading supplier of Cans for packaging mango pulp for export markets.

The product range includes
Size Capacity
A-12 5.25 kg
A-10 3.1 kg
A-2  850 gms
No 1 TALL     450 gms
400 gms 400 gms


General Line Cans

  Cans  for cosmetics, hygiene products, edible oil, pesticides / agro chemicals, paints and petroleum products. The leading Indian brand in these product categories are : Farex (by Heinz), Protinex (by Dumex), Protivit (by Cipla), Spert (by Novartis), Nihar (by HLL), Dynamix and Britania Ghee.  

Our general line product range includes from 202 dia to 700 dia in round, square and elliptical shapes.


ROPP Caps - Twist Off Caps - Metal Printing

  ROPP  (Roll On Pilfer Proof) Caps are manufactured both in shallow and in deep drawn varieties, in sizes ranging from 22 mm dia to 53 mm dia. Application includes pharmaceutical, distilleries and food products. Our caps are made to strict tolerances and they fit on standard ROPP glass neck finishes.

Twist Off Caps come in sizes 63 mm and 53 mm dia for Jams, Marmalade, Fruit Juices and pickles etc.

Metal Printing by offset process. Printing on aluminium sheet and tinplate in various sizes and thickness. Metal tablets, posters and other POP materials are among the range. We can also accommodate half tone printing to suit individual customer needs.

  Freshness has a new name - Western Cans