Garden Polymers (Garden for short) is the leading supplier of PET bottles to the Health Care Industry in India. Almost every major player in Pharma uses PET bottles manufactured by Garden. In addition, Garden is the major supplier of PET bottles to the personal care and Liquor industry.

The cornerstone of Gardenís success is its use of state-of-the-art technology to provide a customized package that is innovative and unique. Innovation starts in package design, where Garden designers utilize the latest CAD systems and software to develop drawings and volumetrically correct 3-D computer models. Garden also provides complete prototyping support with models, castings, molds and sample containers from its R&D laboratories.

Whether a package is made of HDPE, PP, PET or a combination of resins, Garden technologists deploy the latest molding systems available for production. We deploy only single stage technology for manufacturing the PET bottles.

Gardenís commitment to innovation and customization doesnít end with the design of the package. We pride ourselves in developing innovative manufacturing systems that meet customer specific requirements with respect to quality, service and cost.

Garden has installed a system of collecting bottles from the blowing machine which leads them to the "CLEAN ROOM CLASS 100,000" area used for shrink wrapping. The "CLASS 100,000" area as well as the entire manufacturing facility conform to U.S. FEDERAL 209E clean area standards. Further, Garden procures only those PET resins and master batches that are USFDA,  UKDA and Indian Pharmacopoeia approved.



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